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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm Currently Grateful For...

This has been quite the week. Aside from being incredibly busy, there was a bit of a strange drama storm that we all had to weather. Even though it was mainly hilarious, it was also stressful as it caused me to worry about people I care about. Thankfully things seem much more settled today and I've been reliably informed that the "weather" for the foreseeable future looks calm. Yay! We need that!

So anyway, thought I'd reflect on what I'm grateful for after all that:

1. My family (shocker!). I mean this broadly - immediate, unconventional and extended. You rock.

2. My friends. I appreciate you for many reasons, especially for the sarcasm!

3. My sense of humour! As a mum in the centre of a crazy life, I need it.

4. That I'm not a damsel in distress. Tech Guy likes to say that I'm a "do-er" and I take that as a big compliment. I want to make things happen, not wait for someone to save me. I had a conversation recently where I was reminded of this.

5. That I'm Canadian. Because we're awesome, that's why.

6.  That MST3K is on its way back. I'm more a Mike than a Joel, but still!

7.  That I got to experience my son playing D&D for the first time (well, a kids "version" I put together).

8. That I'm a cat person. If I wasn't, I'd be unhappy soon, as those in the know would realise.

9. That I'm a bitch, but not a narcissist.

10. Chocolate. :-)

I'm also grateful that I have the opportunity to express myself and to share my thoughts with my family/friends through this blog. And to any other readers out there, I'm impressed that my life and my stories about my family are enough to hold your attention! Whatever your reason and be you friend or foe, I'll say the same thing I said when asked if I worried about someone getting their jollies off watching me breastfeed: That's not why I'm here but if it makes you happy, awesome. You keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Friday, September 23, 2016

He Said, She Said

One of the challenges of co-parenting a child with an ex is communication. The Professor and I both spend time with Boomer without the other, meaning our experiences with our son are different. That can be really good as Boomer gets to have more than one way of looking at the world presented to him. It can also be a challenge as he goes through difficult transitions.

As our lives and routines have changed over the past nearly two years, I think we took for granted that Boomer was always rolling with the changes exceedingly well. On the whole, he does awesome. But lately he has struggled a bit more.

I think as he has gotten older it has sunk in that things will never go back to the way they were. He won't live in a house with both parents again. He has a new sibling and his parents have relationships that impact him. I keep telling him that even though we need to focus on the good things we have now, that it is okay to cry or be sad about what is gone.

He has also been speaking out, asking questions, making comments on topics that indicate he is confused about the fact that his parents have lives that go on when he is not around. Tech Guy and I see Boomer pretty much every day, but The Professor's life is more of a mystery (and that's totally his call).

Boomer seems to talk to me about different things than he talks to his Dad about. What's really challenging is when he talks to me about things in his Dad's life - I don't always know how to respond. We've gone through that lately and it helped to sit Boomer down together and talk it through. There are still some bridges (hopefully none with trolls under them) we'll have to cross when we come to them, but hopefully for now he feels better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Tech Guy and I had fun recently going with friends to one of those Escape Rooms. If you don't know, you have an hour to solve a bunch of puzzles and find your way out. Ours was Da Vinci themed and it was lots of fun.

They do a good job with the props and the sound effects and the music. The four of us did pretty well and almost made it out. :-) We did finish, but it took five extra minutes. I think we'll go again some time.

They have it in my home town as well, and we were chatting with The Professor (who babysat) about all of us going when we have the chance.

I play a lot of board games and this reminds me of that a bit but it is of course more tactile. Thankfully it is a team experience, so my competitiveness is all towards the greater good. (Unlike Risk where I believe in mutually assured destruction - piss me off and I'll happily lose if I can bring you down with me. Silly, maybe, but I'm a bitch that way!)

Anyway, a fun double date and money well spent!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sleep Deprived

Bandit is a pretty good sleeper at night but she has trouble going down for naps.  She is also still awake a couple of times a night. I don't mind the latter too much - it's par for the course, but I would love it if she would nap somewhere other than on me.

When Boomer was a baby he slept on The Professor's lap every night while I slept (and The Professor slept during the day). He also wouldn't nap on his own during the day until he was much older.

Oh well. Boomer grew out of it and she will too!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Well, That's Annoying

I've been kind of shmoopy lately, so time to release a little snark. To that end, the following is a list of things that irritate me (or that I just consider pathetic):

1. People who try to push into the elevator or subway before letting people get off. I WILL yell "elevator etiquette!"

2. Tailgaters.

3. The phrase "sweet nothings". Totally vomit inducing.

4. People at the kids swimming lessons who leave their crap on chairs or change pads while swimming. There are limited spaces, grabby!

5. When people use the phrase "old-fashioned values" to excuse terrible attitudes.

6. Having the trolleys with baby seats jammed up where you can't access them.

7. Sitting on call waiting for a phone line.

8. Sites that don't adapt for mobile.

9. Lack of imagination. 

10. Cowards. Speak up. Stand up. Or shut up. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Home is where your stuff is.....

The title of this post is a bit facetious. I'm usually sappier than that - more of a "home is where the heart is" type of person, etc, etc.

I've been considering the ways that our homes reflect our personalities and our lifestyles. My place is nice enough. It's homely, in the Aussie sense of the word. Clearly child friendly (so! many! toys!) with kid art on the walls, family photos around. A bit messy, but hey, I have a six month old. We recently reorganised the living room furniture and I like that the focus of the room is now inward. That maybe sounds hokey but it's true.

For various reasons the place feels like it is coming together. Transforming into the home I want it to be but it never quite was.

Ultimately, I'm okay with a little clutter. Life is messy anyway.

The Whole Thing

I am struggling to find good media (stories/videos etc.) to help Boomer (and eventually Bandit) understand the idea of the "modern family". We have one book we brought back from Canada that is pretty good but I need to find more. The hard part is that I'm looking for stuff that covers the topic but doesn't get into the "half"/"whole" sibling thing.

Caveat: There is a really cool and funny book (I was aware are of it from TV with the kids - they  read it on PlaySkool) that Boomer was offered, but we opted not to have him read it because it really focuses on the half sibling thing. The book is otherwise awesome and I had no other issues with it.

The Professor, TechGuy and I all unanimously agree that Bandit is Boomer's sister. Period. End of discussion. That's really important to all of us, because we don't want them to feel that their sibling bond is somehow leassened.

I do wish though that I had some stuff to explain the idea of shifting families in a way that makes it okay.