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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eggceptional Easter

Happy Easter world!

We had an early but fun morning with Boomer. We did convince him he didn't need to get up at 4 am, but by 6 there was no holding him back. He did NOT need any instruction on what to do this year (his second egg hunt). We was off like a shot. We had two full bags of chocolate eggs plus a few little chocolate bunnies and one big one. I think he had them all in about 20 minutes.

Some pics below....will post some more of our afternoon real Easter Egg hunt later today after we actually have it.

Some Easter decorating. 


My home-made Easter Chandelier

The decorate-yourself Easter bunny cookie we got from the grocery store. 

Quacky the Easter Basket

On the hunt

I have the power!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Big Truck

Sparse updates lately, been busy with part-time work, which hurrah money!

We had a casualty last week in our family. Boomer's scooter or his 'car' if you asked him, has been around since his first birthday. He LOVED that thing. He rode it every single day. He got pushed around in it, he would hide things in the little hidden compartments, he would sit and watch TV on it. And, if he thought you were going to grab him to put him in PJs or make him get his diaper changed, he would invariably slow down while running from you to jump on his scooter, somehow believing that he was faster that way. Maybe he was. :-)

Happier times. 

Anyway, as Boomer got bigger, he got more adventurous with his scooter. He would go faster. He'd corner like Andretti. And, like Bo and Luke Duke he had started trying to actually jump things with his vehicle. I swear, there were points he'd freeze frame in mid-air and I'd here the dulcet tones of Waylon Jennings making a smart remark.

Unfortunately, all of this took a toll on the scooter and it simply fell apart last week. We have no complaints - he used it hard for two years, so it was good value for money.

The Professor put the remains of the scooter out back by the garbage bins until collection day. This meant that Boomer could look through the patio doors. I believe he felt this was mocking him. For three days we were treated to mournful little cries of "My car! My car!"

Well......his birthday is coming up next month. We decided that it might be a good idea to see what we could secure for him as a replacement. This is what we came up with:

Does it come with air conditioning?

I like it!

Hmm...I guess ipod connectivity was extra.

Daddy...just remember whose wheels there are. 

I am never getting out of this thing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aunt Syl Lunch - Australian Style!

We had a nice visit with my sister and her friend Tony this past weekend. She's in Australia touring around and, I hope, having a completely lovely visit. She and Tony came by Toowoomba to visit us this past Sunday, which was great. 

Boomer of course, kept saying "Aunt Stacy!" "Aunt Stacy" ALL FREAKING DAY. And of course, when she was here, he clammed right up. Typical. :-) He contented himself with zooming past her, repeatedly on his scooter, so he could grin at her. 

He actually is pretty good with IDs. He loves his baby book and, in addition to the usual grand-parental suspects, can name "Aunt Brenda, Uncle Joe, Aunt Shona (Aunt Hona as he says), Uncle Mark, Aaron and Layla." Not bad, I say. :-) 

I decided to do a little buffet style lunch for Stacy's visit. When we were kids we made a pretty annual visit to see our great-aunt and great-uncle in Stratford Ontario. This was a big deal since it was the one trip that The Nana was also likely to tag along with. I have very fond memories of this trips including:

- playing at the park with this weird scoop and ball toy that I was mildly obsessed with.

- my cousin Tara and the kid next door playing some elaborate game where they tried to repeatedly convince me they were different people (incidentally, that kid was the first person I knew who was obsessed with Star Wars). 

- going out with the family

- getting to stay in the very cool bedrooms at my Aunt & Uncles house

- seeing where my Dad spent summers when he was a kid. (This is the place where he and our Uncle Terry, the eldest of his boy cousins, coined the term "Skull Brother" for one another. As I understand it, this was so they had something to yell when the other cousins seized the chance to jump one of them when alone. They would call for aid by yelling "Skull brother!" at the top of their lungs. My Dad also yelled this out the window of his car in Niagara on the Lake the morning of my wedding when we saw Uncle Terry & Aunt Deb wandering about town. Caused some consternations for other passers by, let me tell you.) 

 Side note: Uncle Terry Jr. or "Skull brother" as my Dad says, actually had an adorable Skull Brother t-shirt made up when Boomer was a baby. He's almost outgrown it now, but we love it.

But more to the point of our story (too late!), whenever we would arrive in Stratford to visit Aunt Syl and Uncle Terry Sr., Aunt Syl would serve us what we called an "Aunt Syl lunch". This included assorted breads, cheeses, pickles and other sandwich fare, lots of desserts, etc. I loved those lunches and looked forward to them all year long. So, in honour of that, I served up my version of an Aunt Syl lunch on Sunday. I had cheese buns and panini, avocado and a red pepper/feta spread, ham (regular and veggie), pickles, and two kinds of dessert, chips, salsa, etc. 

Ah, combining new and old, how great is that?

And now the photo portion of today's post:

My handsome boys

"Silly face!"

I'm serious....get the frack out of my way or I WILL RUN YOU OVER!

You've been warned. 

With Aunt Stacy at the Japanese Gardens. And a jeep. Because that's how we roll.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'd Panic for a Dollar

A couple of weeks ago, The Professor, Boomer and I went to a big book sale out at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. Book sales are like catnip for us...we cannot resist them. The ability to attend events like this is one of the big reasons that having a car has really improved our lifestyle here. The showgrounds aren't that far to drive to (about 15-20 mins) but aren't really accessible by public transit, except during the actual Toowoomba show.

Anyway, we found out about the book sale on the website of the local newspaper, the Toowoomba Chronicle. Although their 'headline news' is often questionable, they do run a helpful feature every week titled '10 thins to do this weekend'. We've found a few things to attend that way, many of them free or low cost.

The book show had free entry so we thought we'd check it out and we were really glad that we did.
The show took up the entire Founders Pavillion, basically a big building that houses market stalls during the show, that includes bathrooms and a canteen.

The book show had about twenty massive rows of books, a section with toys and games and another section with old magazines, records, DVDs, etc.

We took turns walking around with Boomer (in his stroller) so each of us could have a few minutes to browse unimpeded. The prices were great. Some of the newer books were $3 or $5, but the vast majority of items were priced ad-hoc. You'd take them to the cash and the ladies there would assign a price, somewhere between $0.10 and $0.50 usually. We made out like bandits.

We very quickly filled up our canvas book bags, with tons of kids books mostly. We had decided that we didn't want to spend more than $40 at the sale, so once our bags were full we went to the checkout to see what the damage was, figuring we'd sort there. The grand total? $11. Wa-hey!

We dropped that load off at the car and came back for more, with a stop for snacks. All told we spent about $23 on sale items and $25 on snacks, so that tells you something about the relative price of food. :-)

I spent a few minutes before we left checking out the toys/games section. I ended up grabbing a couple of items. Once was a 1000 piece puzzle for $1. Another is an Avon Hill game that appears to be somewhere between battleship and chess for $2 and finally, I grabbed a family game called "Panic" for $1.

The game came out in the 1980's and this copy appears to have been original. It was complete, although we only had one score sheet (That's fine, and it is useful to have so we can make more).

Basically, here's how it works:

You flip over a card and it will say something like "Famous Men". At the same time you start the timer. The other player has to (as quickly as possible) list a given number (that grows each turn from 3, to 4 etc etc to a max of 7 ) of the item listed on the card. If the other player(s) challenge any of the things, they player has to add more. Once they finish, you turn off the timer and you see what their score is (the timer counts down the score and the quicker you finish the higher your score for that round).

It's pretty simple, but still alot of fun. The Professor and I played a few weeks ago and it was a riot. His favourite part was when I turned up the "famous men" card and had to name four. My choices...

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

AND.....do you sense a theme?

Vanilla Ice.

I honestly don't know why my brain works the way that it does.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Super Silly

It's been a busy couple of months for Boomer since we've been back in Australia. He's started school (daycare) which is going GREAT. He's started swim lessons without Mummy, which is going sort of NOT GREAT. And, pretty soon, he's going to be starting potty training...which will hopefully fall in the former category, rather than the latter. :-)

He is also, as mentioned, talking up a storm. It's crazy how much he's saying everyday. He repeats me now too, so I'll have to watch my mouth. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

One of his favourite things to do right now is look at his baby book, which he demands on a regular basis. "Baby boooook!" (Implication: Right NOW woman!).

He is also definitely in his Daddy phase. Every minute that The Professor is home and and both he and Boomer are awake, it is all about Daddy. In fact, he's quick to dismiss me entirely "Bye bye mommy!" - even if I'm not going anywhere. My favourite aspect of this is his "all done!". This can mean that he, Boomer, is all done with whatever he's eating/playing with. But more often than not, it actually means, "You're all done with that, right Daddy? And now you can play with me?"

It's pretty funny, especially when Boomer's yelling it at the top of his lungs while trying to get The Professor out of bed. "ALL DONE DADDY!". Heh.

Another dialogue that absolutely cracked me up was Boomer playing with this little interactive house toy he has. He was playing with the kitchen side and he opened the little refrigerator. This programmed voice (in its adorable Britishy accent) says "What shall we have for breakfast?"

Boomer says: "Milk".

Pre-programmed voice: "Where are the eggs?"

Boomer: "No, no, no, no, no. MILK."

Kid knows what he wants....

"Helping" with the dishes. I was done, but he got so excited about playing in the sink he ran and grabbed his stool. 

"This is like...so great Mommy. Can I splash everything?"

"I call this face 'The Babe Magnet'." 

"Well, I've ridden on better, but it's okay."

"I have no idea what's over this bridge...got to be prepared for anything. Constant vigilance!"

"I will be there IN A MINUTE. Sheesh. During my swing time and everything."

"What the crap is this?" (Actually its stickers from Aunt Nikko & Uncle Gene and he LOVES them.)

As you can see...

It's actually chocolate milk, not coffee. 

"Gots to share with my bear."

"I"m so hyped up right now."

At the Gelato place. We had no baby wipes. It was a disaster.

I think if you added a little bowler hat, he'd kind of look like Hercule Poirot. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Biking Boomer!

For Christmas, one of Boomer's presents from The Nana was money towards his first tricycle. His Aunt Mary-Ann also contributed so he is now the proud owner of one radio-flyer bicycle plus one dinosaur helmet.

He was SO excited. For the longest time whenever we'd mention his bike he was really hesitant, so we weren't in a big hurry to order it. Then we got him a Dora the Explorer First Bike DVD and his interest was peaked. We finally ordered the trike last week and told him it was coming, which was kind of an error in judgement.

All weekend long we heard: "Bike?" in the most forlorn little tones you can imagine. He perked up though, whenever we reminded him that his trike was coming on a big truck. As we hoped, today while he was at school (daycare) it arrived. I picked him up and we met his Daddy at the park where the shiny new bike was waiting. Some pics below. He was stoked and already can't wait to get back out there.

Of course, his feet are just a little bit shy of properly reaching the pedals, but that hasn't dampened his enjoyment any. Plus, it gives him lots of room to grow!

I am so FREAKING ready for this. 

"What are these foot things?"

"Um...Mommy? Move your butt."

Safety first. 

Surveying his domain from his chariot. 

AND it has an adjustable seat. 

"You want I should ring my bell toots?"

"The bike is nice and all but we ARE a the park so....a boy's gotta do, eh?"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is What People Come Here to Read

I was taking a look at the stats behind the posts on this blog and I was surprised by the numbers behind some of the posts. I know that mostly its just my family and friends who wander in here, but there are a few posts that seem to be drawing a wider audience. I'm not really surprised about the macarons (they're popular) or the Cares Harness (not that many reviews online).  The RPG one surprised me...

Honourable mentions to my The Professor: A Love Story posts which rank pretty solid but not high enough to make this list.

So, here are the top ranked posts for this blog, as of Feb 21 2014:

Caution Explosive Content Below

This one was about the time my Mountain Dew bottles exploded. I hope people weren't too disappointed!

Baking Success French Macarons

My recipes, with instructions. You know, I should bake some of those...

Telstra is officially on my list

Ah yes, the time Telstra told us it would take weeks to get our internet fixed. I didn't even detail the numerous bills in error we ended up betting. *sigh*

My Top 5

This was my top 5 Christmas specials, though from the title and the tag I put on, I guess I meant to do a series on this.

Cares Harness

My review of the special harness we bought for Boomer for flying. I will say, that although I was happy with it, we didn't use it at all on our last trip. It is just such a hastle to have to ask the person behind you if it is okay to loop the strap around the seat....

Coles Thinks Convenience Is Enough

My rant about our grocery store and their two-tiered pricing scheme. Boo!

Director's Cut: The Best RPG Director I have ever seen

My love letter to The Professor, praising his mad gaming skills.

Things I'll Probably Never Say

Title says it all.

Photos: Mommy & Boomer fun times...

Looking cool with our sunglasses. 

"So...you WANT me to hit something with these sticks?"

He is either making beautiful music OR he's about to pry up the slats. 

I look like I've got something stuck in my teeth. 

Playing a game his Nanny taught him: The sheep escapes the farm and has wacky adventures - the dog chases him.